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About Us

People People!

Be Human HR was simply born from a passion of being people people! Plain & simple. 

Humans, beautiful humans are what makes up each and everyone's business. They are the ones we rely on to deliver & execute our dreams. Let's take the time to understand, nurture and drive these amazing humans to love  &  thrive with your business!   

Be Human HR is proud to have an ongoing urge to work with different business's at different stages of their lives, to develop businesses, support them in reaching their goals and watch them succeed.

Human Resources can be so very rewarding, but it's tough, it can be overwhelming & emotional, but the satisfaction of seeing a team gel and understand each other &  succeed in the process is what brings us joy.

So, what is the Angela & Nicole story?


We met on our first day of  kindergarten in 1985, neither one of us realising that one day we would be teaming up to assist small businesses ignite their passion for “Happy Humans” in the workplace.

We really have been blessed with having the most amazing friendship, we went right through 

school together, completed university together and by pure luck delivered our first babies within 24 hours of each other! We are truly very lucky to have one another.

We both call the Hunter Valley our home and enjoy sharing what this amazing part of the world has to offer with our families. We have both worked in a variety of industries the Hunter Valley is famous for and look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with your business.

We understand that small business is often a mine field and whilst many small businesses prioritise and spend money on getting the ‘books’ right and paying for advertising we often forget that keeping our humans happy just might be the single most important thing in our business. Humans are often the key ingredient in the success of any business but keeping them happy is often the element that is constantly overlooked. This is the exact reason that Be Human was born, to get small business thinking a little differently, throwing out the rule books and making magic happen for your business.

We are passionate about finding what makes your humans happy. Let's take the time to understand, nurture and drive these amazing humans so they too can love and thrive with your business.