creative Human Resources collaborations, creating happy humans


Seriously, who said Human Resources has to be boring? I say let's unleash, because that's when the magic happens! 

Our Experience

After more than 10 years in the Human Resources & Safety Industries, we have decided to share our true passion in assisting business's look after their Humans! 

Why Us?

We love thinking outside the norm! Life needs to be enjoyable, and since majority of human life is spent at work then it only makes sense to put some energy into your humans! 

We can collaborate to make your Human Resources needs (big or small),  effective, doable & executed with passion. Because we are “People People”. In fact, we love being all about the people! Why do you ask?? Because working out how your team ticks is intriguing.... it motivates & challenges us! 

We love a project, big & small! You have to start somewhere... so small projects rock our minds as much as the larger ones. It’s so refreshing to see small business take a little step for their humans. Recruitment can be expensive and keeping your team happy is essential. It doesn't need to cost you a fortune, and often the simple ideas can be the best! 

We would love to collaborate with you... Let’s take a journey together & see what ideas we can create to inspire & make your humans feel like they are not just part of your team, but your work family!